Lee Seo Won Spends Four Hours In Interrogation Room, Apologizes To The Victim And Fans


Actor Lee Seo Won was revealed to have visited the Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office on May 24 in the afternoon.

Lee Seo Won was recently charged with sexually harassing and threatening a female celebrity with a weapon, it was revealed that he would be investigated soon, the investigation day has come.

He was accompanied by a lawyer and spent a total of four hours in the interrogation room, despite the presence of a lot of press and cameras he refused to answer any questions.

Lee Seo Won revealed his position, he said,

“When I entered, I was nervous and embarrassed and could not say anything. But I answered sincerely in response to the investigation. I want to say sorry to the victim and everyone else. “

He was also asked about whether he saw the victim, to which he replied,

“I haven’t been able to meet her, but if I am able to, then I want to sincerely apologize.”

The actor has been inactive since his charges came to light, since then he has been removed from tvN’s drama “About Time” and also from his MC position at “Music Bank.”

What do you think of his apology?

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My Thoughts

I don’t think its up for us to accept his apology or not. Its up for the victim who went through hell because of him. And there are still people and fans who say he’s too young and are defending him which is still beyond my comprehension, really!

I don’t feel sorry for what will happen to him; he hurt someone and threatened her with a weapon because she refused his sexual advances. I wonder how you all would react if it was a middle-age actor who did this, stop being hypocritical.

For now, we must wait for the verdict, I think its safe to say that his career is officially over. Its sad that someone I used to admire and think of as the ‘next big Korean actor’ turned out to be such a douchebag!


  1. I wonder if everyone is aware that this behavior goes on more than you think., but it’s not usually publizied with non celebrities. Having been a Bartender – Bar Manager for years. – I can just say sometimes females are the initiators and sometimes males are when they are DRINKING – and /or DRUNK. The real issue at hand is how to stop people from becoming inebriated- No excuses , but just Think about it. When ALCOHOL defines your behavior – you loose. ,


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