BTS’s V shocked fans when he revealed that he felt anxious and afraid while filming for the popular historical drama “Hwarang.”

On the 7th episode of “BTS: Burn the Stage,” V opened up about being the first BTS member to debut as an actor and how he felt about it.

V is known for hiding his stress from others revealed that he suffered from intolerable pressure while filming KBS2’s “Hwarang.” Back then, V talked about it with his same age member Jimin, he revealed that he cried a lot as he told Jimin,

“I can’t focus on anything.”

Jimin was surprised by V’s confession took to the rest of BTS members to discuss the issue in more details, V revealed that the BTS members said,

“We can’t help you!”

However, V added that he was touched by how they said it,

“We can’t help you but we can be a source of encouragement to you.”

V was very pleased and happy knowing that the BTS members will always be his side, he added,

“I realized that I shouldn’t always struggle and try to overcome difficulties on my own, instead I realized that its awesome to have members (this is what it means).”

What did you think of V’s debut in “Hwarang”?

My Thoughts

The cutest BTS member V suffered during filming? Finally, I have an explanation to what I felt watching him act!

I haven’t watched all of “Hwarang” but I have seen many many clips of V as well as the rest of the actors, I am not a fan of historical dramas in general, but to other kdrama fans this drama is a gift from god.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but I did. Something about V while he was acting, its he was hesitant and there is a barrier, its not that he was particularly bad, believe me I have seen worse, but there was something off that I couldn’t quiet put my hands on.

Many idols boast confidence despite their bad acting but V was different, I could almost sense that he was very very nervous and unsure, hearing him talk about it finally confirms me what I have always been suspecting.