“About Time” Episode 1 And 2 Recap And Review


“About Time” is the newest tvN drama on the block taking over “A Poem A Day” time slot.

The drama gained a lot of buzz mainly for being Lee Sung Kyung’s return to the small screen following the success of “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.”

The drama was also the talk of the town for pairing Lee Sung Kyung with Lee Sang Yoon; the two are 9 years apart. And for the mess Lee Seo Won caused the entire drama with his reckless embarrassing shameless behavior.

The drama filmed 10 episodes with Lee Seo Won before it was announced that he was removed from the drama following sexual harassment and threatening with a weapon charges.

Regardless of what happened, the drama persisted and went ahead with its planned premiere date and now we’re here.

For starters, the drama is actually really nice, Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon mesh well together; better than I had expected they would.

The drama plot is interesting, its about a woman named Mi Ka who has little time left, she can see the lifespan of herself and other people as well. She meets a CEO named Lee Do Ha, who has the ability to stop her clock, they fall in love. The drama plot in theory is nice and all. The screenwriter is someone we’ve never heard of but he/she is doing okay so far.

The short recap

The short recap of the first two episodes is that Mi Ka tries to live her life diligently; she dreams of becoming a theater actress and spends her time auditioning, working and practicing her lines everywhere.

She has a close friend who knows of her special ability, so far she doesn’t know why she sees other people lifespan clocks, she meets a very annoying CEO Lee Do Ha who works at a cultural theater.

He suffers from anxiety and receives treatment for it. He’s harsh on everyone around him and screams often, his anxiety can be triggered by the smallest incidents, which makes him even less tolerable but more real.

He has a fiancé played by yours truly (who has been stuck doing second lead roles forever) Im Se Mi. She is confident, nice and all around a very cool person. She turns down Lee Do Ha’s constant proposal because she can’t sense his sincerity towards her which annoys her because she’s the perfect catch.

Then there is Kim Dong Jun who plays the role of the genius director Jo Jae Yoo who worked at Broadway, his cocky and thinks he’s the best at what he does, since everything he touches turns gold.

He first meets Mi Ka when she’s auditioning for a musical role, he likes her performance but gives her harsh criticism because she lacks sincerity.

Meanwhile, Lee Do Ha meets Jo Jae Yoo and tries to convince him to be the producer of the musical Jo Jae Yoo’s set to direct. They clash because Jo Jae Yoo is not giving in to any of Lee Do Ha’s requests.

Mi Ka meets Lee Do Ha in a string of unfortunate events, she scares the hell out of him every time they meet, when she finds out he can stop her clock, she clings to him for dear life because she doesn’t want to die.

She begs and begs throughout the second episode and ends up auditioning to be his driver so she can spend more time with him so her lifespan clock stops.

There you go, that’s the first two episodes recap.

The Review

The drama’s first episodes were laid nicely, the characters were introduced well and I liked that.

However, the plot is really really similar to “Master’s Sun,” where a woman sees ghosts but they disappear whenever she touches a rich hot annoying CEO, she clings to him as well and they end up falling in love with each other.

The cast is great, the chemistry is way better than I thought it would be, surprisingly Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon suit each other really well.

I liked the fact that Lee Do Ha has anxiety and is flawed, this makes him more real since I am so done with CEOs falling in love with the unfortunate hardworking optimistic main female leads, which exactly what this drama is all about.

Aside from the lifespan clock, the drama is just your basic kdrama, this is my biggest problem with it going forward.

I can already predict what will happen in each episode and I already know that we might be in for a bittersweet ending.

Nothing in this drama so far surprises me or intrigues me enough to keep tuning aside from the actors themselves.

The drama premiered with 1.7% and 2.1% for its 1st and 2nd episode respectively, which is not THAT good, but is not terrible since it’s a cable drama. I think the ratings are fair.

Sadly, it didn’t exceed my expectations nor came anywhere near it, but its nice, its very average. I don’t know whether that would be enough to draw people in.

There were some very very cringe-worthy scenes which is what you’d expect from the drama. I was legit laughing in some scenes at the absurdity and the way the scene played out so the male lead can save the female lead. (so they can have a ‘moment’ together)

It was very cringe-worthy but I survived it!

Do you want me to tell you whats gonna happen?

They’re probably connected and met each other in the past. Mi Ka will go up against his entire family as she realizes she loves him and he’s planning on getting married to someone of his social status.

She will get into fights with Im Se Mi’s character (Bae Soo Bong), Bae Soo Bong will lose the fight against Mi Ka but she’ll realize she loved him when he couldn’t care less about her.

They will be involved in some shenanigans together as Lee Do Ha finds out he can stop her clock. They’ll end up separating because its too painful/it’ll kill Lee Do Ha.

That’s it! This is my predictions of whats gonna happen!

I could be wrong, I wish I would be wrong but so far I am not that intrigued. I will watch 2 to 4 more episodes and if my predictions turn out to be right I will stop since I have nothing to look forward to in the drama.

What about you guys? Did you watch the premiere? what do you think of the drama so far?


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