Winner Talk About The Pressure And Burden Of Being BIGBANG’s Successors


Winner recently sat down for an interview to promote for their 2nd full album.

The boys talked about fellow YG Entertainment singers BIGBANG, the group’s latest single “Flower Road” has topped charts and did very well internationally as well. Winner revealed that they were extremely happy for their fellow label-mates but also felt somewhat burdened by YG Entertainment biggest group accomplishments.

Kang Seung Yoon said,

“iKON did very well and so did BIGBANG hyung on the charts. So we felt hat we needed to be within the same range. The chart prefers the masses and luck is also involved, we were the second group to debut after BIGBANG, therefore we felt that we had a lot of responsibility in our shoulders. We don’t want to ruin the path our sunbaes have worked so hard for.”

Winner also explained that they will never try to replace the legendary BIGBANG, Song Min Ho added,

“Everyone except for Seungri hyung enlisted. We won’t try to fill in for them; we only want the power of YG to last. We don’t feel like we’re in the middle of BIGBANG and iKON.”

My Thoughts

I don’t think anyone can replace BIGBANG, and I don’t think Winner should strive to be that, I am glad that this is what they think and how they feel.

Winner is a good group; I hope that people won’t compare them to BIGBANG too much. I do get where they’re coming from, its very difficult to follow behind BIGBANG because they’re so huge. I hope that they can shine on their own and continue the path they’re in right now.

What do you guys think of what they said?


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