The race between Monday-Tuesday drama continues, the newly released KBS 2TV drama “Miracle That We Met” leads the race.

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS 2TV “Miracle That We Met” was the top-rated drama for Monday the 9th of April, it achieved 11.2% which is 2% higher than its previous episode. Its the only drama with double-digit ratings.

SBS’s “Shall We Kiss First” follows behind with good ratings, it rated 7.9% and 9.3%, while “The Great Seducer” rated 1.8% and 1.6% which is lower than its previous episodes and its personal lowest ratings to date.

This makes “The Great Seducer” the lowest-rated MBC drama since the current rating system was implemented in 2000, the record of the lowest-rated MBC drama was previously held by “’20th Century Boy And Girl,” its lowest ratings was 1.8%.

MBC’ “The Great Seducer” became the second lowest-rated drama in major broadcasting station history, 2017’s KBS “Manhole” is the first place with 1.4%.

“Miracle That We Met” is led by Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, and Ra Mi Ran, it tells the story of a man who dies in a car crash, but wakes up with his spirit in another person.

Source: Nielsen Korea


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