Joo Won Praises Gdragon’s Attitude In Military

Actor Joo Won recently sat down for a live broadcast to talk about his experience as an assistant instructor in the military and also discussed his impressions of BIGBANG’s leader Gdragon who has trained in his division.

The live broadcast was held by the Republic of Korea Army on April 9. He was there to explain the routine all recruits go through during their fifth week of basic military training.

Joo Won talked about how happy he was serving as an assistant instructor in his division, he revealed that he is the one recruits go to when they have something that is troubling them, he added,

“They open up to me and share their difficulties, they’re able to go on and complete their training safely. I always feel proud when they call and let me know that they’re doing well in their divisions.”

He also revealed that one of the most memorable trainees at the 3rd Infantry Division; where he’s currently serving as an assistant instructor, was none other than Gdragon himself.

He said,

“I had a lot of trainees for the last time, and Kwon Ji Young was very hard working and I even got the feeling that he got along well with everyone around him while working hard. He was a memorable recruit.”

Joo Won joined the military back in May 2017; he is set to be discharged in February 2019.

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