“My Ahjussi” Episode 4 Review And Recap

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Where do I start and what can I say? I am grateful towards the writer, the director and everybody involved in this production.

If I had to pick the best drama of 2018 so far and despite the fact that we’re only 4 episodes in I will choose tVN’s my ahjussi.

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In episode 4 almost all of my pressing questions have been answered and I was so happy that the answers I got were just.

Now we know why Ki Beom helps her out each time and never complains, its because some of her debt was because of him, of course, we still don’t know the exact details but the details we’ve been given for now are enough. 

I was wondering why Gwang Il treated Ji An like that and the answer was that she killed his dad. It was not only a one sided crush, not a high school bully, none of that shallow repetitive shit but something that actually explains their toxic relationship well.

Why does Ji An allow him to beat her up?

My conclusion after today episode has to be that she partially feels guilty because she stabbed his father to death and a part of her wants him to get it over with so she can get what she wants.

This drama might be boring to some because it focuses on real trivial matters that many other kdramas fail to capture properly. Those little things, those beautiful small heartbreaking moments are what makes this drama so special.

I keep falling in love with Dong Hoon’s character. He is a gentleman, an amazing talented nice human being. I love and appreciate him more than most of the lead male characters I have watched for the past couple of years in kdrama land.

He is real, he is stepped at, belittled, taken advantage of, beaten by love and life in general but he is still there. He pushes through hardships and stands up to his brothers.

After she forcibly kisses him, he disciplines her in the best classiest way possible, he still manages to not belittle her in front of everyone, and the way he saved his brother’s face was just… I can’t hide it anymore y’all, I love the man!


Every character comes to life and feels real during the each episode. You sympathize with all of them, and if you put yourself in their shoes you understand why they do the things the way they do it. Their tears and frustration is understandable.

I cried in this episode and I think you know which scene it was. It broke my heart, it was so difficult and heart breaking. Your mom witnessing this is just… too much… my heart ached for Sang Hoon.

Although the youngest brother is annoying as fuck and always noisy. I understand why he is like that, he is just too frustrated, frustrated with life, frustrated with his elder brother, frustrated that they have to go this low to survive.

It’s difficult to go through this. They all have college education but struggle. It breaks my heart that there are people suffering under these difficult circumstances, the system exploits the weak, everyone is for themselves, this might seem a bit too depressing but it is the truth.

However, there are still people who care, they are out there in the world, and we saw that in episode 4, they were beautiful short moments.

I still dislike Ji An as a character but I am in awe of IU’s acting skills. It is on another level y’all! She is with some of the brightest most competent actors. Still she is on the same level. I doubt any idol actress would be able to pull this off easily. I just love how well her character is acted out.

She is not easily likeable. She is crude, rude and in your face. She is smart but over powered by her poor family background and the difficult circumstances she had to go through.

I have rarely and I mean rarely seen such a complex female character in kdramas. She is not a secondary character but the MAIN. SHE IS THE MAIN. This makes it even better and more special.

IU proved herself and shed her idol image. She is no longer the cute tiny character she plays. I can only think of UEE as another female idol who would be able pull off such a complex character, there aren’t many who can easily do it to be hones with you.

I still can’t believe she stabbed someone. She killed someone y’all! I was so shocked with the twist and…. happy. I never for a second believed that she actually meant it when she said that she murdered someone.

I can’t wait for next week… It’s so refreshing to see such a beautiful drama that despite its depressing backdrop, it still manages to pull you in.

I have been thinking about it, I think Dong Hoon knows his wife is cheating on him with the manager, or that he has an idea that something is terribly wrong with their marriage.

I also believe he knows that Ji An hacked his device, at first I thought he was ignorant and average, but as time went by I realized that he is more intelligent than he appears to be. He just chooses not to comment or make a reaction.

What did you guys think of episode four? Do you also like It?

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  1. I agreed with you IU ,it’s super I’m forgetting she’s a idol,she made me feeling her life ,not only her the rest the cast I’m enjoying this drama because it’s so real

  2. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the amount of quality this drama has since everybody focused on the great age-gap between the main characters. In this episode, the scene with Ji An listening to Dong Hoon standing up for his brother and then his tired breathing before he gets the call from his brother inviting him to the bar. That was very real, everyone’s had a moment in their life when the hardships are too great you decide against sharing them with your family because it won’t help any. The quiet and unobserved suffering is the most painful. I like Ji An character, everyone needs to remember she’s young and still learning to live her life. I think this is the main reason of the age-gap. The only thing I can’t make sense yet is Dong Hoon’s kid, he seems like he would be a good father so… how come his child is abroad? Nobody else is curious about it?

  3. What a great review! I completely agree with everything you said except that DH knows Ji An bugged his phone. I don’t think so, wouldn’t it be pretentious of him if he knew and kept up saying those nice things about her? That doesn’t fit with his character from what we saw so far.

    1. To be honest, I am torn, I don’t think he’s that stupid not to know anything but again he might not know that she bugged it but has an idea that she tried to do something to his phone, it could be that he has such a boring life that he couldn’t care less and has nothing to hide~

  4. Agree with you! Episode 4 is the best so far! Im falling in love with Doon Hoon as well. He’s such a real & relatable character. He also becomes a sort of balance to the other characters that appear more ‘corrupted’, Ji-an being the top of the list.

    I love all the way the director uses to reveal the answers to us. It’s natural and well-paced. Omg i just love this series. And i love reading your review too.

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