Lee Seung Gi Reveals That He Never (NOT EVEN ONCE) Received A Confession From A Celebrity


Lee Seung Gi has confessed that no celebrity woman has ever confessed to him, shocking all of his fan base, in a recent interview.

He said,

“There has never been an instance when a female celebrity confessed me. Its fascinating to hear about others when they say they’ve received a confession. Why didn’t I receive one yet? I still don’t know why.”

He laughed and added,

“Maybe its because I am difficult to approach. I should go around with my number glued to my chest.”

He then revealed that he doesn’t have time to date right now, he added,

“If the opportunity comes and someone likes me and I like them back. I am open to date, but for now my focus is work. Its not that I intend on only working but its just that most of my energy is invested in work at the moment.”

How do you feel about what he said? Where you shocked to find out that he never received a confession?

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My Thoughts

How dare they the female celebrities? How dare they not confess?

This interview is hella funny, I am still laughing while I am writing. How can he be so cute? Is it because he is a Capricorn like me? Us Capricorns are hard to approach that is true! Maybe I should do what Seung Gi oppa suggested!

God! I like this guy, how can he be so funny, witty and cute at the same time?


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