With the #MeToo Movement taking over South Korea, we noticed an increased number of females coming out and talking about their personal experiences. In the process, many veteran actors and singers within the realm of Kpop have been accused of sexual harassment.

GOT7 sat down for an interview with OSEN and they were asked about the #MeToo Movement.

Jinyoung talked about how proud he is about all those victims coming out and speaking about their experiences, he said,

“They have courage and I applaud them for that. Such issues are hidden not only in the entertainment industry but everywhere as well. I hope that the #MeToo Movement will spread and give good outcome so that victims who suffer from pain can rise with courage, I am cheering for it.”

JB also added,

“First of all, such things should never happen. It also made me think that we need to grow up properly and be cautious so that we can set a good example without any embarrassment later as we get old and become sunbaes.”

JB also talked about the way JYP Entertainment handles their artists in this regard, he revealed something that made JYP stans even more happy and proud to be stanning JYP, he added,

“In our agency, there is sex education, mental health care and many other programs. Before you make your debut, you have a meal where you sit down with the CEO and Park Jin Young; they give you lots of advices on such issues.”

The way JYP Entertainment handles their artists in this regard is working, no one has ever accused any JYP artist of a miss conduct throughout this entire movement.

Other agencies should take note and follow in JYP’s footsteps to ensure that such terrible actions are never committed, every artist, singer, actor, director and producer should be aware of what sexual harassment does to the victim, such act is never acceptable!


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