[BREAKING] Suzy And Lee Dong Wook Are Dating


People woke up today with the most shocking news ever, another couple has been revealed.

TV report released a report that claims Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are dating. They were originally only colleagues but their relationship progressed to lovers,  a source told TV Report.

It came to light that Suzy had said in the past that Lee Dong Wook was her ideal type on SBS’s “Strong Heart” back in 2012.

The report said that Lee Dong Wook fell for the actress humble character, they both share similar personality traits and get along so well. The couple was also reportedly spotted out and about on dates without being afraid of being noticed.

Following TV Report, both the actor’s agencies initially said they’d check with their actors before releasing a statement. Later both agencies came back with statements confirming that TV Report was indeed true.

King Kong by Starship said,

“They met at a private casual gathering. They only recently started to know each other with good intentions and have feeling for each other. Since they’re only in the beginning of their relationship, we just learned about it. There isn’t much we can say about them dating or being a couple.”

JY Entertainment added,

“They’re only in the process of getting to know each other.”

What do you think of this shocking new couple? Do you ship them together?

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