Yoo Seung Ho Candidly Opens Up About “I Am Not A Robot” Disappointing Ratings


Actor Yoo Seung Ho recently sat down for an interview to talk about his recently concluded MBC drama “I Am Not A Robot.”

The actor touched on his first romantic comedy role and talked about his reaction to the drama very low ratings.

He was asked about how he felt when he first saw the ratings, he said,

“Honestly, when I first saw the ratings for our first episode, I couldn’t face the director and look him in the eye the next day on the set, I also couldn’t look Chae Soo Bin in the face. You can’t blame the actor completely, but in a way, the actor is at fault as well.

Fortunately, we laughed it off when I asked about what we should do about the ratings, it seemed not to be professional to change the filming atmosphere due to the ratings, so we promised to have lots of fun and be happy till the end while filming.”

He also talked about how he felt when he found out that the drama did well overseas, he said,

“Fortunately, during mid-airing we found out that the drama was popular overseas, so it became a big source of strength to us. We also joked around that the 3% viewership ratings really meant that the top 3% had good taste.”

He also talked about how he couldn’t believe the ratings numbers, he said,

“To be honest, I couldn’t believe the viewership ratings, everything from the directing style to the cast was good, everything was perfect.”

He also talked about some of the reasons why he believes the drama didn’t do well in ratings, he said,

“I had a lot of fun filming the drama, the atmosphere was bright, we all had fun while filming, I think that some people found it difficult to approach because of the title that included ‘robot,’ however, the drama filming was one of my best works and one of the happiest productions I’ve done.

Although the drama has not been well-received, I have created a drama that I have enjoyed for myself, and I think that I can confidently express my belief in the work more confidently, I liked it so much.

It is a great honor to have done such a thing, and I want to recommend it to people who have not seen it yet.”

What did you think of “I Am Not A Robot”? do you think it deserved the low ratings it got?

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My Thoughts

First of all, I wanna give the cutie a hug and thank him for his hard work. I am glad that despite all, he enjoyed filming.

Ratings (with all honesty) are important. There is a great distinction between dramas that do well in ratings from those who don’t. it basically either elevate the status of your favorite actor or takes away from it.

Of course, a couple of failed dramas will affect any actor. We all know that Gong Yoo went through a rough session but then came back strongly in 2016-2017 with two hit movies and a hit drama.

Even the best can be hurt by bad ratings. the problem was that “I Am Not A Robot” did especially bad in ratings.

In case you didn’t know, 3% is awful, its of the lower tier, 5% is bad but its still not near as bad as 3% or 2% which the drama had reached on a couple of occasions.

Was I shocked by the ratings? I was!

I didn’t expect it to rate amazingly, but at the same time I didn’t expect that it would do this bad. I watched the early episodes and I just wasn’t pulled in. the drama wasn’t entirely bad, but not as special as I had expected it to be at first, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

It went up against “Black Knight” which is hella boring, but since “Black Knight” was fantasy themed it did wayyyy better. Even though, I will never understand why it did so well in ratings.

It has been a long time since Yoo Seung Ho has been involved in a not-so-successful production. Almost all of his recent dramas did well, and his movies were also a hit.

I think it hurt his pride and he felt a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Despite his young age, he is very experienced and has been doing this for so long, it hurt him that the ratings were this low.

I am happy he expressed it so openly and talked fondly of the drama. I couldn’t feel the drama, but I sensed that the entire cast and atmosphere was very light and a happy one.

Chae Soo Bin did very well and her chemistry with him was amazing. I ship them so hard and wish they’d date. I am also happy that international fans loved the drama a lot.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]



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