Lee Jong Suk And Nam Joo Hyuk’s Epic Fail In #KarmaIsABitch Challenge Will Make You Laugh


Two amazing model-turned-actors have joined the wide spread challenge #KarmaIsABitch. Which includes people going through an epic transformation in a matter of seconds.

For some reason, Lee Jong Suk And Nam Joo Hyuk thought that they’d make a good #KarmaIsABitch Challenge video… fans saw it and the reactions to it are hilarious to say the least.

Nam Joo Hyuk wore a simple red sweater with sexy messy hair for his before shot, he changed into a completely ‘different’ much more handsome man after uttering the words “Karma is a bitch.”

#새해맞이 #tiktokapp

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Lee Jong Suk looked low key embarrassed while doing the video (we understand), he was his usual shy self, until he threw a way a towel telling fans that “Karma is a bitch.”

#치명적인척 #tiktokapp 나만 몰랐네.. 이게 올라간 줄..😅

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Fans couldn’t help but love and slightly hate the videos. Both model-actors are too handsome to be attempting the challenge to begin with.

Fans were hilariously reacting to the video mentioning that nothing has changed with their before and after shots, however, we can’t really complain.

Who wouldn’t use an extra dose of Lee Jong Suk and Nam Joo Hyuk in their lives?



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