Were Jung So Min And Lee Joon Hinting They Were Dating All Along?


The first officially confirmed couple of 2018 were none other than Jung So Min and Lee Joon, fans have looked back at some of their interviews in 2017 and found out that the couple might have been hinting at their relationship all along.

On October 24 in 2017, Lee Joon was interviewed by SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment.” He was asked whom would he love to visit him during his military service, Lee Joon cutely replied,

“First of all, Jung So Min. she promised me she’d come visit no matter what.”

And during Jung So Min’s interview promoting her popular tvN drama “Because This Is My First Life,” she dropped the name of Lee Joon during the interview.

The actress said that she was worried whether she’d be able to live up to the chemistry she had shared with Lee Joon on the set of “My Father is Strange.”

When she was asked if she expected to win any awards in 2017, she responded with,

“If I could receive an award, I’d like it to be Best Couple Award (with Lee Joon)”

The two have also held a photoshoot for Marie Claire, the couple were undeniably smitten with one another, they often cracked up and blushed when their eyes met.

The actress also shared numerous photos of her and Lee Joon to her Instagram account, sometimes as a couple, sometimes in a group photo, fans noticed that Lee Joon was always standing next to her.

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