“Black Knight” Sets A New Ratings Record This Week


KBS 2TV hit drama “Black Knight” continues to break its rating records with each new episode.

The drama has been dominating the ratings race of Wednesday-Thursday drama among its contenders ever since it began airing, this week the drama set a new record.

According to Nielsen Korea, Thursday, December 28 episode rated 13.2% nationwide, this is a new record for the drama and its highest so far, its 1.2% higher than its previous episode.

Meanwhile, SBS drama “Nothing to Lose” rated 7.6% and 7.9% coming in second place, MBC drama “I’m Not a Robot” rated 2.8% and 3.1%.

Do you think “Black Knight” deserves the ratings its getting?

Source: Nielsen Korea



  1. I found this week’s episodes problematic, so I’m not sure if this trend will continue. I still love the premise, but some of the execution is getting very silly, and the story is starting to drag.

  2. I seriously don’t really understand the story of the first episode (Black Knight )
    But I really prefer (Im Not A Robot) to have a higher viewer rating ..Because the storyline and plot is really good and interesting !!
    They are bot s cute , A girl who act like a robot and a guy who allergic to human !!


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