KBS 2TV hit drama “Black Knight” continues to break its rating records with each new episode.

The drama has been dominating the ratings race of Wednesday-Thursday drama among its contenders ever since it began airing, this week the drama set a new record.

According to Nielsen Korea, Thursday, December 28 episode rated 13.2% nationwide, this is a new record for the drama and its highest so far, its 1.2% higher than its previous episode.

Meanwhile, SBS drama “Nothing to Lose” rated 7.6% and 7.9% coming in second place, MBC drama “I’m Not a Robot” rated 2.8% and 3.1%.

Do you think “Black Knight” deserves the ratings its getting?

Source: Nielsen Korea



  1. I found this week’s episodes problematic, so I’m not sure if this trend will continue. I still love the premise, but some of the execution is getting very silly, and the story is starting to drag.

  2. I seriously don’t really understand the story of the first episode (Black Knight )
    But I really prefer (Im Not A Robot) to have a higher viewer rating ..Because the storyline and plot is really good and interesting !!
    They are bot s cute , A girl who act like a robot and a guy who allergic to human !!


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