The Real Reason Why Lee Min Ho And Suzy Broke Up


The Korean drama world was shocked today when they found out about one of the biggest hallyu stars have broken up.
Lee Min Ho and Suzy were rumoured to have broke up earlier today as stated by an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, a close source revealed they had broken up.

Following the news agencies of the actors decided to look into the subject and announced to the media that they are currently looking over it, a couple of hours later both agencies confirmed that the two have indeed broke up.

There could have been many reasons why they decided to call it a quit.

Today on, I will be talking about a couple of possible reasons why the two could have broken up.

Busy Schedules

Suzy has been busy filming while were asleep since early 2017. The hectic work schedule along with her ex-boyfriend busy schedule might have make things difficult for both her and him.

Busy schedules might be overused in many statements, but it is true, not only for stars but for normal people who tend to grow apart when things become too hectic.

The two mega stars have very busy schedules, this might’ve been one of the good reasons why the two called it a quit.

The military service

Korean drama fan can’t deny that “military service” are two scary words, it usually breaks actors and Idols apart.

Whether you were a Korean actor or an idol or just an average Korean person you have to serve in the Korean military 21 months.

This can break many couples apart and might be one of the reasons that contributed into one of the worst breakups of this year. Lee Min Ho has begun serving in the military earlier this year as a public service officer at Gangnam District Office.

Earlier this week, Joo Won and boa announce their break-up, Joo Won is currently serving in the military as well.

This makes it the second break up this week alone.

Why didn’t Suzy love him enough to wait for him for almost 2 more years?

The answer to this question will remain hidden, since we don’t exactly know what led to the breakup.

Ridiculous Cheating Speculations

Some fans of the Korean drama while you were asleep want Suzy and lee Jong Suk to end up dating, some people ship them together a bit too much.

This is why some fans have been very happy following the news, they really think that Suzy and Lee Jong Suk like each other more than co-stars and will end up dating.

Some others ship Park Shin Hye with Lee Min-ho, and think that they suit each other very well, this is why some of his fans were happy about The Break-Up news.

This is called ridiculous because as a fan of both I don’t think that they’re inconsiderate enough to actually end up dating each other during his military service.

Drifting Apart

Being an idol or an actor is not easy. Suzy is an idol actress, someone who both act and sing.

This is why Suzy’s hectic schedule and Lee lee Min-ho military service served as one of the catalysts the unfortunate break up.

The two could’ve easily ended up drifting apart and because they’re not seeing each other as often.

People fall in and out of love easily. This could’ve easily been the main reason why the adorable pair broke up.

Suzy has actually touched up on this subject previously and talked about struggling when trying to balance between the two different professions, she said,

“In the past it wasn’t so easy to act and sing separately, I used to feel pressured by it.” “When I was acting, I wanted to give it my all, the same goes with singing, I tried to make people forget that I also act.”

Huge Age Gap

Many fans often forget that the two have somewhat a big age gap.

Lee Min Ho is 30 years old, while Suzy is currently 23 years old, they’re 7 years apart.

Difference in age and in thinking can often lead to problems in relationship and it could’ve led to their breakup.

He was born in the 80s while she was born in the mid-90s, they would naturally think very differently, and might even want something different out of their relationship.

Suzy is still young and has a long way to go, she might’ve wanted to live more freely and see more things without being tied down by someone.

It could also be that Lee Min Ho wanted the same or simply wanted to settle down with someone he loved.

Regardless of what happened, this is still unfortunate; the two have been dating for approximately 3 years.

They confirmed the relationship back in March 2015, back then lee Min-ho’s dedication to Suzy despite their busy schedules made many fans Hearts flutter.

The two were considered one of the most powerful Korean celebrity couple.

The two were revealed to have celebrated their second year anniversary together in the attendance of their closest family members and friends earlier this year.

I think that’s it’s very stupid of anyone to be happy about two people breaking up.

The two have Separate Lives, before their idols, they’re human, their breakup and their heartache should not be mocked by those who claim to be their fans.

Just because you ship him or her with someone shouldn’t mean you get to feel ‘happy’ once they broke up.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]



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