Park Shin Hye Picks This Scene As Her Favorite Kiss Scene Of All Time


Actress Park Shin Hye shocked fans when she picked this kiss scene as her favorite kiss scene in a new interview.

Park Shin Hye sat down for an interview with Park Kyung Lim who was the MC for the day and talked about her kiss scenes, the MC asked her the original question, “When was your first kiss?”

She changed up the format of the question slightly by asking,

“Did your real kiss happen first or did you have your first kiss while filming?”

As expected, Park Shin Hye said it was the latter, she has been working as an actress since she was a child, she said,

“I used to be in middle school during ‘Stairway to Heaven’ filming and was in high school when I filmed for ‘Trees in Heaven.’ Since the director couldn’t make me kiss at first, it was substituted with hand kissing.”

The actress has chosen her kiss scene with Kim Rae Won in “Doctors” as her all-time favorite kiss scene. She added,

“Its hard to pick one since all of them came out pretty well.”

She also explained why she chose this kiss scene of all other kiss scenes she’s had, she said,

“It was a kiss scene that the two characters shared innocently after realizing their feelings for one another.”

Are you shocked by her answer? Whats your favorite Park Shin Hye kiss scene?

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