One Direction Fans Furious After BTS Gets Introduced As “The Biggest Boy Band In The World”


An international fanwar has broke out and its between two of the biggest fandoms there is.

BTS has been making waves in the US; they made a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s Live, and are set to perform in the upcoming America Music Awards on November 19.

They’re also set to guest on The Ellen DeGeneres show, and have also made an appearance on James Corden show.

Both James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel introduced them as “The Biggest Boy Band In The World” and unexpectedly many One Direction fans were not happy at ALL.

One Direction fans were so unhappy that they trended the hashtag #1DisStillTheBiggestBoyband, in the hashtag many 1D fans claim that BTS is nothing compared to 1D.

One fan wrote,

@LiamPayne @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial James said that Bts are the best band in the world ! Can you accept this ? Your fans (& I) are very sad !You don’t care about how we feel !I think you don’t deserve our love”

Check out other tweets by many 1D fans.

Meanwhile, BTS fans weren’t happy that 1D fans were attacking their boys and unleashed an attack on them, one fan wrote,

“#1disstillthebiggestboyband #BTSisAlsoTheBiggestBoyband I like to see a lack of confidence and Fear of defeat It’s really funny”

Check out other tweets by army.


But then many other BTS and 1D fans decided that its best not to compare them both, they’re both different from each other in the music genre they do and their style.

Some even pointed out that 1D is a boy band while BTS is a boy group who dances as well.

Here are some of the fans tweets.

Do you think 1D fans should’ve overreacted like this?

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  1. Its not called over reacting. Its called being a TRUE fan.. im a directioner and i say BTS would not ever be as big as one direction and that BTS armies should stop comparing their boys to my boys. Please.

  2. It isn’t overacting and the truth is that bts can never be called the biggest boy band cuz 1d has already achieved it! Bts can never be compared to 1d cuz they’re not so lucky yet! 1d will always remain the biggest boy band and the best one cuz no other boy band can ever beat it or its achievements! And we true directioners will never leave their side and bts army is the worst of all! A big message to bts fans – just wait until 1d comes back and your bts boys will leave the industry on their own or will be existing!


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