Is BTS Getting Nominated For A Grammy Award?

The Kpop fandom in general might be in for a little lovely surprise a couple of days from now.

Billboard’s Kevan Kenney, Vibe’s Shenequa Golding, Mikey Fresh and music journalist John Norris gathered to talk about one of America’s most prestigious music awards. They discussed the potential list of who could be nominated for the 2018 Grammy Awards.

BTS’s name naturally appeared in the panel’s conversation. They were discussing which new artists should be qualified.

Cardi B, Logic and BTS among others were mentioned. music journalist John Norris said,

“It would be nice for the GRAMMYs to have more inclusive diversity like this”

The panel also discussed the effect Kpop has had in America and said that it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

While some Army were super excited about the possibility of their boys snagging a nomination in THE 2018 Grammy Awards, some were sceptical about it, believing that BTS deserved to be nominated for another award that isn’t “Best New Artist.”

The 2018 Grammy Awards nominee list will be announced on November 28.

Do you agree? Do you think they should be nominated for Best New Artist” award?

My Reaction

I don’t know why the majority of online comments are so negative regarding this!

“Best New Artist Award” isn’t bad for BTS. They’re only just getting recognized for their talent in America, they’re slowly breaking barriers and its safe to call them ‘new’ in America.

It doesn’t have to do with treating them less fairly because they’re Kpop, its because they’re new to the American music scene.

BTS is well-established in Asia, I don’t deny that, but I feel like a new artist award is just.

Although I have trouble believing that The Grammy Awards will nominate them since they have such strict criteria, if they did, I would be so happy for the group.

Slow steps people, one at a time![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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