Autopsy Results Of Kim Joo Hyuk Unfortunate Car Accident Revealed


On November 14, Gangnam Police Station released autopsy results of actor’s Kim Joo Hyuk, who has only recently passed away in a car accident.

The police revealed that Kim Joo Hyuk’s car black box footage has been finally recovered, they stated,

“On November 2, the National Forensic Service conducted a thorough search of the vehicle and found the black box lying beneath the passenger seat. We’ve checked the video and couldn’t hear any audio; the National Forensic Service is currently working on the footage to determine whether any audio was recorded at all.

As of now, it seems like nothing has been recorded, since the function seemed to have been turned off to begin with. The National Forensic Service are currently checking to see if the black box had any saved files.”

The National Forensic Service also revealed the real cause of the actor’s death, which was revealed to have been crnial fracture, they added,

“We didn’t find any signs of a heart attack, and the toxicology test also determined that there was only a small amount of antihistamine. No traces of alcohol or any other toxins were found. The heart examination also determined that there weren’t any coronary artery damage, abnormal blood vessels, or inflammation.”

The rest of results of Kim Joo Hyuk’s vehicle will be released to the public later this month.

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