Take A First Look At Hoya’s New Character In “Two Cops”


New teaser stills of Hoya’s character in the upcoming MBC fantasy crime drama “Two Cops” have been revealed.

The drama also stars Jo Jung Suk and Girls Day Hyeri.

Hoya is taking on the role of Dok Go Sung Hyuk, the youngest detective in the violent crimes unit who doesn’t forget anything he sees.

He has a very powerful charm, a positive mind-set and school boy visuals. He is a person who tends to fall hard for whatever he wants, he falls for Cha Dong Tak (Jo Jung Suk) and sticks to him like a gum following him around everywhere.


“Two Cops” tells the story of a cop who becomes possessed by a com artist, and a fierce reporter who join forces to catch criminals. The drama will airs its first episode following “20th Century Boy and Girl.”

Are you excited about the drama?

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