NU’EST W Reveal Whether Their Company CEO Treats Them Differently Since Their Appearance On Produce 101

NU’EST W is feeling the effect of their rising popularity a lot these days.

NU’EST W was a guest on Cultwo Show to promote their new release; they joined Wheesung on the popular radio show.

The group talked about how different life is following their huge rise in popularity after appearing on Produce 101, they were asked if they felt the rise in their popularity.

Ren gave the sweetest answer, he said,

“Before our appearance on ‘Produce 101’ only ahjussi at the convenience store used to recognize me, now a lot of people recognize me, this makes me very happy.”

Baekho admitted that a lot of people ask them if their CEO treats them any differently after their appearance on the survival show, he added,

“The food we eat changed a bit and one day when we went to our agency to hold a meeting, the CEO have the biggest room for us saying ‘you guys can meet in the big room’.”

The group was on the verge of disbandment when they decided to appear on the popular variety show, they fought for one last chance to achieve the dream they’ve been fighting so hard for.

Only Minhyun made the final cut to the boy group but that didn’t mean NU’EST was stopping any time soon, the group has seen a huge rise in popularity, the group went from ranking so low in the charts to trending and charting at number 1.

We’re so happy that our boys have finally come this far

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