MBC Responds To Reports Of Their Dramas Going On Hiatus Due To The Strike


Various reports have been claiming that MBC is halting the shooting and broadcast of its dramas in awake of the ongoing strike, MBC has finally issued a response to those allegations.

A source from MBC told a news outlet,

“The reports that claims the dramas are going to be cancelled are false. They will air as scheduled.”

MBC has many ongoing dramas airing at the moment including “Hospital Ship,” “Bad Thief, Good Thief,” “Man Who Sets the Table,” and the recently released “20th Century Boy and Girl.”

MBC’s strike has been going on for well over a month and has started back on the 4th of September. Since then the majority of variety shows filming was halted indefinitely.

The only drama that has been affected by this strike was “20th Century Boy and Girl,” but it had resumed shooting back in late September and is currently airing.

We’re glad that the dramas  won’t be halted. Lets hope that the issue will be resolved soon.

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