Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, Seo Ji Hyun And More Gather For “Black Knight” Script Reading


On October 24, KBS released photos of its upcoming drama “Black Knight” first script reading.

Actors Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, Seo Ji Hye, Jang Mi Hee, Shin So Yul, and Kim Seol Jin were present for the script reading, as well as screenwriter Kim In Young, producing director Han Sang Woo.

Before the script reading began, writer Kim In Young revealed that he has written the story back in 2007, he felt both happy and strange to see it become a drama 10 years later.

PD Han Sang Woo also expressed his excitement about the project, he stated,

“I hope that this project will be something that’ll bring us all together. The results are important, but I hope that the process is also beautiful.”

The actors greeted each other and then started reading the script as if they’re acting on a set. Kim Rae Won plays a young business man called Moon Su Hoo who is pure and innocent when falling in love.

Shin Se Kyung plays the role of Jung Hae Ra, she displays youthful charm, she plays a charming character despite her family, work and love life being messy. Seo Ji Hye plays the role of Sharon, is a selfish character that’s not easy to like but has a unique charm.

Jang Mi Hee plays Jang Baek Hee, a magical assistant who appears whenever someone needs help, and Shin So Yul plays Shin Se Kyung’s friend Kim Young Mi.

“Black Knight” will airs its first episode following the final episode of “Mad Dog.”

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My Thoughts

Shin Se Kyung unnie is back…. with Kim Rae Won. Thats a pair no one asked for!

Not to be mean, after her fiasco drama bride of the water God, I don’t think any other script can be worse, she’s been lucky with some scripts and not so lucky with others.

I don’t like the pairing, to me  Kim Rae Won is a terrific actor but not someone anyone can easily establish a good chemistry with, besides, he looks a lot older than Se Kyung. The script doesn’t look that interesting or that different, but how bad can it be? Lets hope that its something we can enjoy!



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