Remember back in the good old days when you shipped Dara and Gdragon together and called them Daragon? Guess what? Those days are now officially OVER.

Dara has been shipped with Gdragon for a very long time, the two are known to be close friends but some fans believe that they’re dating in real life.

In a recent interview promoting her latest campaign for Head and Shoulders the idol was asked about the popular topic of Daragon, and her response made fans hearts sink.

She tried to explain that they’re just friends, she said,

“I don’t quiet understand it, we’re like family so… ah..yuck! we’re really close and there is nothing special about it.”

The interviewer kept trying to push for an answer and asked her if there is any jealousy involved, Dara assured her that there isn’t anything like that, she added,

“We’re very close. We’re just like siblings.”

The two idols are a part of YG Family and she has even made two guest appearances for his concerts in the Philippines and Malaysia.

Are the shippers of Daragon okay right now? We doubt it, she just squashed any little dreams we had of them together.

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