Park Shin Hye struck fans and spectators with her beauty recently, and was even captured befriending and snapping a photo with Selena Gomez.

Park Shin Hye was one of the attendants to New York Fashion week and on the 12th of September she attended ‘Coach’s Spring 2018 Runway show’, among the attendants was also Selena Gomez.

ELLE Korea was there to document the event and published a video of Park Shin Hye looking stunning speaking to her fans, the video also showed her snapping a photo with with Selena Gomez.

Park Shin Hye went with a friendly fashion statement and wore a maxi dress and wool claf-skin jacket, while Selena Gomez wore a bolder look with a stunning leather jacket.

The two looked comfortable around each other, Park Shin Hye was very excited about attending the fashion week.


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