Lee Min Ki Explains Why He Chose “Because This Is My First Life” As His Comeback Drama Project


On September 26, the main cast of the upcoming drama “Because This Is My First Life” Jung So Min, Lee Som, Park Byung Eun, Kim Min Suk, and Kim Ga Eun attended the drama press conference.

Lee Min Ki has been away from the small screen for more than 3 years, through the press conference he explained his decision to return to the small screen, he said,

“I am responsible for my actions and I have learned a lot through them, I am going to work harder and be more careful about my actions. I am very happy and grateful for this chance, I am going to do my best.”

He talked about why he picked “Because This Is My First Life” as his comeback project, he said,

“I liked the story the writer wanted to tell through this drama, my character Nam Sae Hee maintains a distance between himself and others around him, I found that charming.”

Meanwhile, “Because This Is My First Life” talks about a man in his early 30s called Se Hee (played by Lee Min Ki) who owns a home but owes a lot on his mortgage, he has chosen not to marry, he becomes a housemate with Ji Ho (played by Jung So Min) who is also in her early 30s struggling financially and chose not to date because of that.

“Because This Is My First Life” will air its first episode on October 9, and is set to take over the time slot previously occupied by “Argon”.

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