“Hospital Ship” Continues To Dominate Wednesday-Thursday Dramas With Its Intriguing Plot


“Hospital Ship” is still dominating the Wednesday-Thursday Dramas slot with its recent episodes that aired on Thursday last night.

Check out Wednesday’s ratings here.

The 7th and 8th episodes both rated 11.3% which is higher than its last episodes yesterday; the 5th episode rated 10.3% while the 6th episode rated 11.8%.

Meanwhile, “Reunited Worlds” has rated 5.7% and 6.4% coming in second place, while “Manhole” came in the last place and rated 1.8% which is the lowest rating for the drama since it started airing back in August, this makes it one of the lowest rated kdramas of all time moving from the third lowest rated kdrama to the second lowest rated kdrama.

The intriguing plot of “Hospital Ship” certainly had its effects and both Korean and international fans love the drama so far. During the 8th episode Ha Ji Won’s character finally gives in and cries for being one of the reasons for her mother’s death.

Source: Nielsen Korea


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