Seo In Guk Officially Parts Ways With His First Agency Jellyfish Entertainment, A Fresh Start?


Seo In Guk has left his first agency Jellyfish Entertainment.

The actor singer has made his debut through the agency. on August 4, the agency revealed to the public that his contract has expired with the agency and after much consideration decided to part ways.

The actor was one of the first artists to join Jellyfish Entertainment after its establishment back in late 2008, he joined in 2009 after his career was launched when he won “Superstar K”.

The actor has been entangled in some controversy lately; he had enlisted in the military but was exempted due to his medical condition osteochondral lesions.

The actor singer went through medical examination before he was exempted from the military. Fans are wondering what will Seo In Guk’s next move be like following his departure from his agency.

We wish Seo In Guk the best with his future!

My Thoughts


I honestly didn’t see that one coming, I am slightly shocked. Jellyfish Entertainment has one of my favorite acts VIXX.

I honestly love him so much, but I don’t know about that fractured ankle issue, it does sound suspicious since he could’ve easily treated it before joining the military but he didn’t.

He left 4 days after joining the military and was later set free. So I get it the public will be a bit annoyed by that. He could’ve used his pain to his advantage.

The public anger is understandable here, since all Korean men must serve in the military. Koreans hate it when a famous star tries to receive a pardon, they hate favorisim. I would also hate it if a star is treated better than me a normal person!

But there is no way we can easily tell if that was the case or not, but it does remain a possible act. I think he will lay down for a bit now while looking for a new agency. I don’t believe he’ll make a comeback this year, because if he did people will be so quick to judge and will say he couldn’t wait until he left the military and got back to work again. They’ll question whether he was really sick or not!

He is a triple threat, he is a good actor, an amazing singer and very handsome as well. A lot of agencies would be interested. But he does come with some package, since whoever takes him on has to keep assuring the public he didn’t avoid his military service.

I hope he feels better soon, and finds a good agency, I feel like JYP would suit him, Yoo Ah In’s agency is also good, there are many good agencies out there, I think he’ll choose an actor’s agency.

What do you guys think of this?


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