Seo In Guk Officially Parts Ways With His First Agency Jellyfish Entertainment, A Fresh Start?

Seo In Guk has left his first agency Jellyfish Entertainment.

The actor-singer has made his debut through the agency. on August 4, the agency revealed to the public that his contract has expired with the agency and after much consideration decided to part ways.

The actor was one of the first artists to join Jellyfish Entertainment after its establishment back in late 2008, he joined in 2009 after his career was launched when he won “Superstar K”.

The actor has been entangled in some controversy lately; he had enlisted in the military but was exempted due to his medical condition osteochondral lesions.

The actor-singer went through a medical examination before he was exempted from the military. Fans are wondering what will Seo In Guk’s next move be like following his departure from his agency.

We wish Seo In Guk the best with his future!

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