Red Velvet Irene Reveals She Doesn’t Have Park Bo Gum’s Number?

The popular girl group Red Velvet was a guest on the new MBC show “Thinking about my bias” and as expected she was asked about her chemistry with the famous Park Bo Gum.

The MCs of the show talked about how undeniable their chemistry was and how well they suited each other during the music show hosting gig they snagged together. One of the MCs said, “Park Bo Gum looked at Irene with loving eyes.”

Another MC asked her the IT question, he said, “Lets not beat around the bush! Do you like Park Bo Gum?”, while another MC asked if they had exchanged numbers.

Sadly Irene revealed that the two don’t have each other’s numbers, she said “I don’t have his phone number.”

This disappointed the MCs as well as the audience which was tuning in to see her talk about the undeniable chemistry she had with Park Bo Gum.

The entire MC team kept teasing her about Bo Gum and DinDin (rapper) who also said that she’s his ideal type, when one of the MCs tried to close the topic, she was asked if she was annoyed by such questions. Irene simply replied, “No they’re fun!”

She was then asked about her ideal type, to which she revealed,

“I value personality over appearance. I like a man with a warm heart.”

Are you disappointed by what Irene said?

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