Park Min Young Talks About Her Friendship With Lee Joon Gi, Says She Stays In Touch With Him

Park Min Young talked about Lee Joon Gi, and the friendship they had.

Park Min Young sat down for an interview and talked about how she keeps in touch with “My Ears Candy” partner Lee Joon Gi. She said,

“The program was a time of healing for me, just like traveling. Back then I was upset with my acting. “I even cried when he talked to me on the phone (the last time). I talked about how unsatisfied I was by my acting.”

She talked about how supportive he was, she said,

“He said to me ‘What are you talking about? You’re a good actress and you can portray a wide range of characters.’ After he said that I became emotional, it was when I thought that variety programs are great. I still keep in touch with Lee Joon Gi from time to time.”

Back then the program was caught up in controversy following the reveal of Lee Joon Gi dating news, fans were shipping both of them together and were bothered with Lee Joon Gi’s participation in the show. About that she said,

“I do wish some parts had gone better, but my heart still fluttered when I watched the program myself. “The program was about friendship between males and females but the episodes were edited in a way that made it look romantic. I was ore immersed that I thought I’d be, I enjoyed watching the show.”

She also talked about her current favorite variety show “Three Meals a Day”, she said that she’d love to appear as a guest on the show one day, she also talked about her love for cooking and said that she’s currently taking cooking lessons.

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