Lee Jong Suk Clarifies What He Had Said About YG, Says It Was A Huge Misunderstanding

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Lee Jong Suk is finally clarifying rumors of bad blood between him and YG.

Back in early August, the actor took to Instagram to inform his fans of his delayed fanmeet and blamed YG’s lagging management for that.

On August 21, the actor took part in an interview to promote his upcoming film “V.I.P”. He addressed the infamous Instagram post which led to speculations of bad blood between him and YG.

He explained what had happened and said he thought he had become troublesome, he clarified,

“Social media is tricky. Fans are ahead of everything, a lot of people say social media is unnecessary and trifling, so I try to not write much because I know it’ll end up in an article. I use social media with the goal of telling my fans what I did today.”

Regarding the fan meeting issue, he said,

“As for the fan meet, I had a non-verbal promise made to my fans, and I make one every year around the same time and date. “Because it could have gotten cancelled or delayed, I had to explain more about it. But I didn’t know it’d be imagined as an attack on YG.”

He then shared his thoughts on YG Entertainment, he said,

“YG is a good company; it’s a good company but got involved in a sticky situation. Since the company had different opinions about the fan meeting, “I thought it could be delayed or pushed back. This is why I wanted to let the fans know, but I think my wording was wrong.”

He then addressed the awkwardness of fan meets, he laughed and said,

“Since sometimes fan meeting is done by external parties, other teams feel a bit uncomfortable around me. Its hard to make a living.”

Meanwhile, V.I.P Lee Jong Suk’s upcoming film is set to be released in theatres on August 23rd.

What do you think of what had happened?

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