INFINITE Is Aiming For A Comeback This Year After Hoya’s Departure


INFINITE is not slowing down despite the sudden departure of its lead dancer Hoya.

The agency released a statement confirming the group is indeed planning on making a comeback by the end of this year. On August 30, a source from Woollim Entertainment revealed the news to the public, in a statement they said,

“We will be able to prepare for a new album for the group following the members’ individual activities wraps up. We’re trying to aim for a comeback this year.”

However regarding information on an exact date, the agency commented, “No specific time frame has been set yet.”

Sungyeol has been preparing for an upcoming KBS drama he’s been cast in, L is busy with his overseas fan meeting tour, Woohyun is also in talks for future projects.

Are you excited for the upcoming INFINITE comeback?

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