The power vocal and dance group is making waves and breaking records with their new release this summer.

GFRIEND released their new mini album “Parallel” on August 1st, and their title track attracted lots of attention and love from both national and international fans.

The title track “Love Whisper” achieved a remarkable number of views in less than 24hrs; on 1thek channel it had reached 7,858,525 views in less than 24 hrs. On their official YouTube channel the MV attracted about 1,392,674 views.

Calculating the views of the MV from both channels makes GFRIEND the 5th kpop group with the highest number of views in less than 24 hrs, with 9,251,199 collective views.

The powerful girl group is even topping various music charts with their release, they’re currently the number 1 song on various realtime music charts including Bugs and Sorbada.

Check out their MV below