[BREAKING] Lee Soo Hyuk Is Enlisting On The 10th Of August


Fans have been curious of what Lee Soo Hyuk was up following the news of him joining his dream agency YG Entertainment.

The model-turned-actor Lee Soo Hyuk is set to enlist on the 10th of August; he was born on the 31st of May, 1988 and has turned 30 this year.

The actor didn’t make any Korean dramas for the year 2017 and was a guest on the Japanese version of “Sorry, I Love You”.

The actor model will enlist in less than 2 days, which surprised fans a lot. Many were expecting to see him in a drama soon.

His last Korean drama was in 2016 in KBS’s “Sweet Stranger And Me”, he starred alongside Soo A and his model-actor friend Kim Young Kwang.

Fans will miss the actor so much, be safe oppa! We’ll see you in two years.

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