BLACKPINK Becomes The Fastest Kpop Group To Reach 100 Million Views On A YouTube Video

BLACKPINK fans have been preparing a gift for their girls to celebrate their 1st anniversary and they’ve made it happen.

BLACKPINK had their comeback with their latest track “As If It’s Your Last” on June 22, it then became the kpop MV with the most views in less than 24 hrs.

One by one with the help of Blink, the girls shattered more and more records, becoming the fastest kpop MV to reach 20 and 30 and 40 million MV in YouTube history.

And today “As If It’s Your Last” broke yet another record, and became the fastest kpop MV to reach the 100 million views on YouTube. They broke the record previously held by TWICE which reached the same feat in 71 days. The girls of BLACKPINK reached this milestone in 48 days.

The girls are celebrating their 1st debut anniversary today, congrats to the girls.


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