5 Korean Actors Who Were Typecasted To Play The Same Role Again And Again

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It’s the ultimate fear of every actor in the globe, the pressure of becoming not just a one-hit wonder but someone who can make and sustain a living through acting.

The same applies to Korean actors who have their own struggles to overcome. The Korean hallyu wave has been growing steadily for years and various Korean actors reign the throne and continue to make millions doing something they love.

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Some of these actors have been previously stuck playing the same role over and over again. Some of these actors continue to struggle with this while some others have finally overcome it and proved themselves to be versatile.

So at jazminemedia.com we decided to dive in to some of the most notable Korean actors who have admitted to being type-casted or have played basically the same role over and over again.

Lee Min Ho


Lee Min Ho is one of the most famous Korean actors to date. Many people recognize him as the face of South Korea. But even the huge Lee Min Ho was once type-casted to play the same role over and over again.

Back in 2009 Lee Min Ho gained hallyu status after playing the role of the infamous Ku Jun Pyo in “Boys over flowers”. Since then the actor became a house hold name that is wildly known in various countries around the world.


Many kdrama fans have been introduced to kdramas through Lee Min Ho.

But this wasn’t going to be the last time Lee Min Ho played a stuck up hot rude chaebol guy who falls in love with the poor girl. In fact he played basically the same role over and over again in various other dramas.

In 2010 he took on another role in “Personal Taste” where he played the role of Jin Ho Jeon, a hot young stylish man who is also self-centred and an owner of a small company, the only different catch here is that he pretended to be gay in order to live in the same historical house as Park Gae In.


But it was his role in the popular 2013 “The Heirs” that made fans sure he was being type-casted.

He played the role of Kim Tan a popular high-school rich hot chaebol who is mean (was!) who falls in love with a struggling poor girl played by Park Shin Hye.

Many people pointed out the uncanny similarities of “The Heirs” and “Boys over flowers”, the setting, the hot backup guys and the poor feisty girl are just some of the similarities between the two dramas.


Lee Min Ho broke free from playing that high-school heartthrob but does continue to play superior characters who are hot, rich /chaebols.

His most challenging and best role according to critics and our reviews at jasminemedia.com remains his role as the undercover Yun Seong trying to expose those who killed his father in “City Hunter”.

Ji Chang Wook


Looking for a hot talented male Korean actor who can kick ass and make fangirls hearts explode with his abs?

Look no further, Ji Chang Wook is the perfect choice for that.

The actor has played various roles ever since he made his debut back in 2010, but only became a household name back in 2014’s historical drama “Empress Ki”.

After that he went on to play various roles as the secret hot agent who is up to uncover some sort of hidden truth or take revenge on those who hurt him and his family.

After the success of “Empress Ki” he took on the role of Jung Hoo, An illegal mercenary who works under the alias “Healer”. Renowned for being the best in his field who looks good while kicking ass, he tries his best to uncover the truth with the help of Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae.


In 2016 he took on a very similar role, he played the role of Je Ha a former soldier, the top of his field who became a fugitive and turned cold and cynical in tvN’s “The K2”.


In “Healer” and “The K2” he played a cold-hearted skilled martial artist, who can beat ass and who tries to uncover the truth with the help of a female heroine who is fighting for justice herself.

The actor is known for having a great chiselled body and can fight very well, back when he ended the shooting for “The K2”, he told his fans that he doesn’t want to do another thriller drama again, and that he’d like to portray a romantic-comedy instead.

He was one of the lucky 7 Korean actors who acted in the duty free web drama “7 first kisses” he also played the same role, a runaway skilled fighter who falls in love with an average girl.

At the press conference of “7 first kisses” he said he complained to the director and had actually wanted to play the role taken by Park Hae Jin but no one paid attention to his request.

Luckily the actor has proven himself to be one of the most versatile actors of South Korea.

Lee Joon Gi


Looking for a hottie to play a melodramatic historical long drama? Look no further because Lee Joon Gi is there to help.

Lee Joon Gi is one of the few actors on this list to have played the same role in the same setting too many times already that fans were requesting he does a modern day drama.

The actor’s career is filled with historical dramas, maybe one of the few korean hallyu actors who have done so many historical dramas before.

His roles in Arang and the Magistrate, Gunman in Joseon, Scholar Who Walks the Night, and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo are just some of the historical dramas he has done.

He began doing historical dramas more often back in 2012 playing Eun Oh in Arang and the Magistrate alongside Shin Min Ah.


His recent most notable role was Wang So in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo where he captured the hearts of million international fans and broke our hearts towards the end of the drama, that even made various kdrama fans request a part 2 set in the modern day time.


For the past 4 years he has only done historical dramas, and only 2 weeks ago his first non-historical drama in 4 years has aired, with the Korean adaptation of the popular US series “Criminal Minds”.

In a recent broadcast he even apologized to his fans for only doing historical dramas for the past 4 years.


We’re very glad that he broke the curse at last and showed us his face in a modern day drama.

Joo Sang Wook


Joo Sang Wook is a late bloomer and has struggled for a long time before he managed to break free from playing the same role over and over again.

He always played a hot second male lead who is either a manager/CEO that ends up leaving overseas/quitting during the final episode of each drama he played and never wins the girl.

He jokingly discussed his struggles as an actor in a previous broadcast on “Happy Together” he talked about how he felt he was playing the same characters over and over again.


He also talked about how he never won the girl and is always the one watching from afar, he also talked about his characters and how he always has problems with his parents in many of his dramas.

Luckily, the actor who is now sick and tired of playing a CEO role decided to keep away from such roles as much as possible, he went on from playing the second lead to leading his dramas.

He has recently tied the knot to one of his previous co-stars Cha Ye-Ryun in a beautiful ceremony.

Lee Soo Hyuk


Looking for a hot second male lead who can act and is devilishly good looking? Look no further, Lee Soo Hyuk is there.

Lee Soo Hyuk is a model-turned-actor he and his group of model actors are successful in their own right, but he is by far the one who is still stuck playing the second lead role in dramas.

He started acting back in 2011 alongside his other model friends Kim Woo Bin and Kim Young Kwang and many others.

He then went on to play minor roles and then started playing the second lead since 2014 in “high school king of savy” alongside Seo In Guk. Ever since then he has been stuck playing the second male lead whose heart is always broken by the end of each drama.

He played a mean CEO who falls in love with the quirky struggling employee played by Lee Ha Na in “high school king of savy”.


He played various second lead roles sometimes taking on difficult devilish roles such as his role in “scholar who walks the night” alongside Lee Joon Gi.


He played sweeter characters in both 2016’s KBS drama “sweet stranger and me” and MBC’s “lucky romance”.

We’re one of the fans complaining that the actor-model deserves better, he should finally move on from playing the second lead and play the first lead in a drama.

Will our wish come true? The actor is yet to make a drama comeback in 2017, so you can never know if that’ll happen or not.

Yet we wish the actor the best, we wish he can break free from the second lead curse and lead a drama.

That ends our list of the most notable Korean actors who are or were stuck playing the same role.

What did you think of our list?

Do you agree with it? Do you have another actor you want to add?

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