Jisoo Joins the Cast Of Upcoming OCN Drama “Bad Guys 2”


Our tough boy Jisoo is joining the highly anticipated second season of the popular OCN drama “Bad Guys 2”.

A couple of days ago, it was confirmed that Kang Ha Neul exited the upcoming drama due to his sudden military enlistment announcement.

But Jisoo is replacing another talented actor, he is stepping in instead of Um Tae Goo who was supposed to take on his role but ended up dropping out due to health issues.

Jisoo is a new upcoming actor who received lots of love in many dramas such as “Scarlet heart Ryeo” and “Strong woman Do Bong Soon”, and “Fanstastic” alongside many other roles.

The actor is set to play the role of Han Kang Joo, who is someone living in prison for someone else. He scarified himself for his family before he found out it was a trap.

This is the sequel to the highly praised first season of “Bad Guys” but featuring an entire different cast.

Jisoo is joining many other talented actors such as Park Joong-Hoon, Joo Jin-Mo, and Choi Gwi-Hwa.

Actor Park Sung Woong is also considering an offer to appear in the drama positively. The drama is set to air in November this year.

Are you excited about Jisoo’s upcoming drama? Have you watched the first season of “Bad Guys”?

My Thoughts

Yayayyyyyy! Ori oppa is coming back with a new drama, a bit tougher and I like it.

I watched Bad Guys back in 2014 and I loved it, I am a bit disappointed that non of the original cast is back to the drama, I honestly don’t know why they’re changing.

They even changed the director, but the new guy directed “38 task force” so I am hopeful, he is good.

The writer remains the same, which is also great, because the first season script was very nice and different.

OCN is just killing it this year, this drama is set to take on the time slot previously occupied with all the good dramas they came out with this year, like “Voice, “Tunnel” and now “Duel”.

So I am interested, the cast is also good and filled with professional actors, its sad Kang Ha Neul stepped out, he usually picks really good projects.

I can’t wait to see Jisoo become a real bad boy!


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