Prepare your tissues ladies, less than 2 weeks before we have to say goodbye to the lovely Ji Chang Wook.

Before his enlistment, Ji Chang Wook held a final vlive broadcast to communicate with his fans on July 28.

During the vlive broadcast he discussed what dramas his fans can watch while he is away. He shared a list of 3 popular dramas that all his fans must watch. He said,

“All the productions I have been in have a special meaning to me, though it was difficult I chose just 3 dramas for fans to watch.”

The actor had chosen SBS’s “Suspicious Partner” his recently finished drama, he said,

“When I watched the drama I said ‘I also want to experience love. I also want to date.’ So I recommend this drama, this is also my first romantic comedy.”

He also recommended “Empress Ki” the drama that shot him to hallyu status. He said,

“[’Empress Ki’] was a really fun project for me. It is 50 long episodes so I recommended it, so all fans have something long to watch. I played Tae Hwan who is a childish character.”

He also chose another fan-favourite drama “Healer”, his reasoning was,

“I looked really cool in this drama from start to finish. It was a fan favourite drama as well.”

The actor is set to enlist on the 14th of August less than 2 weeks away from now. Fans are very sad to let go of their oppa.

Which Ji Chang Wook drama do you prefer?

Are you gonna miss the amazing actor?




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