BIGBANG’s Seungri Wins Medals In His First EVER Jiu-Jitsu Match


The maknae of Bigbang is full of talent.

The idol has posted a photo of his medals to his Instagram of his first ever jiu-jitsu match associated with Japan Brazilian jiu-jitsu Federation.

He wrote a heartwarming caption saying,

“One silver medal, one bronze medal. I do feel regrets but its okay because I tried my hardest.”

He went on to mention the trainers who helped him to get his first win in the matches.

His long time friend FTISLAND’s Choi Jong Hun also posted a congratulatory message to his friend, in the photo he posed alongside Seungri both wearing jiu-jitsu outfits.

대단하다 내친구 , 첫 주짓수 시합 🍾

A post shared by Choi Jong Hoon 최종훈 (@ftgtjhc) on

Congratulations to our maknae, you did such a great job!


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