YG Entertainment Source Responds To Seungri’s Retirement Announcement And Says This

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It’s been a little over an hour since BIGBANG Seungri announced his retirement from the entertainment industry, since then the names Seungri and BIGBANG have topped worldwide trends on Twitter.

Fans are extremely upset about Seungri’s sudden retirement announcement. Seungri is 28 years old.

Since his announcement fans have been waiting for a statement from YG Entertainment to explain what will happen with the group.  A source from YG Entertainment has finally spoken to the press, however, only to clarify the reasons behind the sudden retirement announcement.

According to YTN, a source from YG Entertainment revealed,

“The announcement of retirement was not a decision made by YG but a decision made by Seungri himself.”

The source explains Seungri did not consult YG regarding the decision adding that Seungri is feeling even more distressed since three incidents happened right before enlistment.

According to Allkpop.com, YG Entertainment also stated they have no comment regarding this announcement. Seungri’s contract fate with the agency hasn’t been decided yet, the agency added they will let the public know when the situation is figured out.

He was first involved in the Burning Sun club controversy and later a report by SBS FunE revealed alleged kakaotalk messages conversations of Seungri and other people arranging escort services to foreign investors. Following that first explosive report by SBS FunE, Seungri went under 8-hour investigation with the police.

On March 11, SBS FunE released another explosive report that shares conversations between Seungri and other singers; they were sharing allegedly illegally taken footage and photos of women in a chatroom. (Read the full report on this subject as written by Soompi.com here)

Seungri has since then been banned from leaving the country and on March 10 his status was changed from a person of interest to a suspect and he was booked under suspicion of Allegedly Violating Anti-Prostitution Law.

It is still unknown what’ll happen to BIGBANG as a whole group. The rest of BIGBANG will be discharged from the military this year, T.O.P being the first.

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