TWICE’s Nayeon Becomes The New Muse For Givenchy Beauty

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TWICE’s Nayeon has been selected as the new muse for Givenchy Beauty.

On January 30, Givenchy beauty selected Nayeon as the brand’s official muse.

The Givenchy beauty official confirmed the news, saying, “Nayeon is loved for her bright and lively appearance. Her confident and sophisticated appearance on stage coincides with the direction of Givenchy beauty, so she was selected as an official model. Nayeon is expected to participate in various campaign activities as an official model of Givenchy beauty and create positive synergy with the brand. We will show more diverse and attractive appearances of her in the makeup and perfume categories, so please pay a lot of attention to it.”

Meanwhile, Nayeon completed a perfect beauty pictorial with a luxurious and edgy atmosphere, unique refreshing charm, and healthy skin.

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