Taeyeon Exposes Hater Identity Who Cursed Her Out For Her Past Relationship With Baekhyun 

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Taeyeon is done with one particular hater! 

On May 16, Taeyeon uploaded screenshots of the ID and messages of one particular netizen who had nothing but spiteful hurtful disrespectful words to tell her all because of stories she shared to her Instagram earlier. 

Taeyeon had shared to Instagram stories of some of her favorite poems, in one particular poem, the topic of letting go of a relationship is discussed, one of the lines says ‘Let us live long. I hope you won’t forget me.’ 

One particular netizen saw an issue with this poem and proceeded to curse her out in the comments of her stories, fed up with this rude behavior, Taeyeon exposed the netizen identity. 

Here is a rough translation of what the netizen wrote, 

“b*tch, I told you to stop didn’t I? LOL are you f*king crazy? F*ck. Why are you acting all shameful and shit? Do you want someone that bad? So why didn’t you treat him well when you had him [referring to Baekhyun]. 

Someone, please beat some sense to this girl.”

The netizen goes on to add another comment that roughly reads, 

“Isn’t instagram a space to communicate with your fans? Don’t you feel sorry towards your fans for showing f*cking regrets? Do you think fans are pushovers? F*ck, you’re a pathetic idiot.”


Back in June 2014, Taeyeon was confirmed to be dating EXO Baekhyun. The relationship was announced to have been over in September of the same year. 

After Taeyeon exposed the account, it was deleted. Fans are praising her for exposing the hater, some are asking her to take strict legal actions against such online hurtful comments. 

What do you think of this? 

My Personal Thoughts 

Regardless of whether this was directed towards Baekhyun or not is none of your god damn business and man that netizen is hella salty I can’t even.

I don’t follow Girls Generation specifically but I do know that Taeyeon is savage. She just gained a new fan. I love what she did. 

I mean you have to take into consideration just how fed up she was by that account to have decided to take such drastic measures. My hunch is that this isn’t the first time that specific account made awful remarks judging from the tone of what that netizen said. 

I have become familiar with Korean laws around defamation and libel, and they are extremely harsh. Writing hate/derogatory/rumors comments will cost you, you end up paying a fine (could be up to $1000 if not more) and at worst you can even serve jail time. 

I bet most Koreans have a basic understanding of these laws, yet I see such brazen people writing such comments online, it’s baffling above all else. No matter how much you hate someone, doesn’t getting sued by them scare you at least? Or will you be begging when you get sued and it goes on your record? Stupidity seriously has no limits.   

I believe in freedom of speech [within reason] but at the same time, if you’re gonna say shit expect to be exposed and ridiculed, that’s just how it goes. I can’t believe an idol who’s been in this industry for 10 years can’t even freely talk about her feelings or past relationships (if she wishes), its disappointing above all else. 

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. I’m for sure in agreement with what you said. When the “scandal” hit the net, everyone was against her and Baekhyun dating but Taeyeon got the worst of it. No one supported her then. No one spoke up in her behalf. Even Baekhyun did not say one word in her behalf. I hope she can have a relationship with someone who will not only love her back but support her with whatever she choses to do in the future.

    1. That’s bullshit and we all know it. Baekhyun was nobody back then and he got it the worst, especially from the sones considering they still existed when it happened. He got pulled through mud.

      1. no taeyeon got it worse since she was really popular in that era she got it worse than he did people just blame her for like the whole entire thing lots of people forgave baekhyun and they stayed on taeyeon

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