Suran Forced To Explain Herself After Fans Allege That She’s Referring To BTS Suga In Her Recent Instagram Post

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Something happened recently with Suran and its mind boggling!

If you remember, Suran is a singer that previously collaborated with BTS Suga, at the time of their collaboration rumors flew around that claim the two were dating. Later, Big Hit issued a statement firmly denying the rumors, and Suran ended up issuing an apology to fans explaining that she’s not dating Suga and that people misunderstood her posts.

At the time, fans thought she was referring to Suga through her instagram posts and with the news of their collab, some began to speculate that they were dating.

Some fans think she’s referring to Suga with her recent Instagram update and it brought back the rumors once again.

Suran posted a screenshot to Instagram stories of IU and Suga’s newest hit track “eight,” before that, Suga had posted a similar screenshot at the specific timestamp 01:07. Fans are convinced that she also posted a screenshot of the same timestamp to follow Suga’s lead; the timestamp reads the same but with different lyrics.

When a fan commented asking her why at 1 m and 7 seconds, she wrote back,

“Is there anything special at 1 m and 7 seconds? I don’t know, I was listening to the song and took a few screenshots and this was the one that had a clear title appear on top. You don’t have to read too much into it.”

More and more people began commenting on her photo with the same message asking why this specific timestamp. To better understand why fans became curious and a bit hostile is because many believe that idols would do lovestagram posts mimicking each other or signaling at their love life.

Suran ended up posting comments to the post clarifying her position, she explained that she posted this particular screenshot because the music was her taste and clarified that she’s someone who does things depending on her mood.

She explained that while uploading she became worried that some people might think something weird for the screenshot she posted so she changed the lyrics to the English portion.

She added,

“After I heard that it was a collab with IU, one of my fav singers, I was reminded of when we collabed and it was amazing to see this become a project series and to have IU collab on it too….

Basically, I just thought this song is good and made a post about it, does this clear up the misunderstandings now?”

But she added three more comments after that. In another comment she said she’s explaining the situation because she doesn’t want to create misunderstandings like that time the rumors happened with Suga, she says she became hesitant over the years and posted after careful thought trying to be mindful of fans so they don’t think she’s alluding to something else.

She wrote,

“All the past moments are all precious memories of me and so i try to be as positive as possible. I was so hurt from the rumors back then and i didn’t understand myself sometimes. If i think about it now i understand the feelings the fans may have felt. I didn’t know much back then too and was so used to living so carefree so i was always just hurt and sad.

I think posting my opinion at that time actually brought about even more misunderstanding and hurt to everyone and i am sorry for that.”

In another comment, she explains that there is no hidden meaning behind any of her posts and asks people to stop harassing her because of this and admits she still gets messages about the past rumors from time to time and she is hurt by them.

She has deleted the instagram post since.

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