Sunmi Snaps Back At A Hater Who Questioned If Idols Write Their Own Music

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Sunmi has no time or energy for anyone’s nonsense and she made it pretty clear in a recent Instagram post.

Recently, it was revealed that Sunmi was preparing for her comeback in late August. It was also revealed that she composed the song.

Many articles were published as a result, and some articles had negative reactions, one particular commenter bashing idols and stating that idols don’t contribute as much to their own songs but rather arrangers and co-writers are the ones doing the heavy lifting to create the music instead.

Sunmi saw that comment and posted screenshots of it to her Instagram, she fired back,

“No matter the format, creating something takes a lot of hard work and is difficult. You also need the help of many people in various ways.

But if the person leading doesn’t know the story they want to tell, can’t understand what they want to tell, can’t explain it and can’t carry it, then the people who work with them will become confused.

I don’t just put names on my album credits to show-off. I think long and hard about each part of the process of making the lyrics, melody, arrangement, and album.

I then fix it and complete what I am trying to say. It is your personal prejudice about most idols including me is like that, I hope that it is not believed as true.”

Sunmi had previously taken part in composing for her group Wonder Girls and continued to do so co-writing lyrics to many of her hit tracks such as “Noir,” “heroine” and more.


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형태가 어떻게 되었든 무언가를 만들거나 창작 해내는 것은 어려움이 많은 작업입니다. 그만큼 여러 부분에서 사람들의 도움이 필요로 합니다. 하지만 지휘자가 어떤 이야기를 하고 싶은지 또 어떻게 표현하고자 하는지 자기 자신이 이해하지 못하고, 설명할 수 없고 또 실행할 수 없다면 함께 작업하는 사람들은 혼란스럽습니다. 단순히 앨범 크레딧에 이름을 올리려는 보여주기식의 작업을 하지 않습니다. 가사, 멜로디, 편곡, 앨범이 만들어지는 과정 하나하나를 고민하며 다듬고 또 고치면서 제가 표현하고자 하는 걸 완성합니다. 저 뿐만이 아닌 대부분의 아이돌들이 그렇다는 개인의 편견이 기정사실화가 되지 않았으면 합니다.

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What do you think of her response?

My Personal Thoughts

I agree with Sunmi. Many idols don’t write their music and there could be many reasons for that, it could also be because their songs weren’t approved by their label or they don’t have the capacities.

Personally speaking, I don’t mind it as long as they’re talented and hardworking and give back to fans. Writing your own songs is the cherry on top to me.

While I also know that some singers do what the commenter is saying, it is not right to assume that every idol does that especially under an article written about Sunmi.

Sunmi has been composing for a while now since Wonder Girls days. It’s not like she started composing yesterday and people are suspicious about the credits.

I feel like Sunmi’s post was to educate others about the effort it takes to make a song. It hurts to work hard and read comments that degrade your work or diminish it.

I feel that it’s nice for idols to snap back at such people every once and a while just to remind the general public that there are many idols who work so hard on their music.

I just keep falling for Sunmi, and her recent post which is beautifully written is another reason why y’all should stan.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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