Stray kids “MAXIDENT” Make History Becoming The Second-Highest First-Week Sales Album In Hanteo History

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Stray kids continue to impress with their most recent release breaking many records in the process!

The group has now become the artist with the second-highest first-week sales in all of Hanteo history

“MAXIDENT” was released last week to great results, and Hanteo Chart has now reported that the album managed to sell 2,185,013 copies in the first week of its release (October 7 to 13). This is the double of what the group’s previous record was and their best yet as of this writing.

With this, Stray kids overtakes SEVENTEEN’s spot to become the artist with the second-highest first-week sales in Hanteo history, bested only by BTS.

“MAXIDENT” has now become the 4th highest first-week sales of any album in Hanteo’s history, the other three albums all are by BTS [ “Map of the Soul: 7,” “Proof,” and “BE.”]

Congratulations to Stray Kids on their amazing achievement!

Source: Hanteo Chart

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