Shin Jimin To Hold Her First-ever Fan Meeting In March

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Singer Shin Jimin will hold her first fan meeting.

Her agency Alomalo Entertainment announced on March 3rd, “Shin Jimin will hold her fan meeting ‘JIMIN IN THE BOX’ at Bear Hall at 5 pm on March 19th and meet her fans.”

Along with the release of her first EP album ‘BOXES’, Shin Jimin announced active communication with her fans.

According to an official, she prepared a special gift for the fans who participated in ‘JIMIN IN THE BOX’. With the concept of her new album, ‘BOXES’, Shin Jimin’s gift box to her fans adds to the anticipation of what will be contained.

Alomalo Entertainment continued, “We have prepared this fan meeting to repay the hearts of the fans who have shown their passionate love and interest since the release of ‘BOXES’. As this is the first time we meet them, we are doing our best to make it a precious time, so please show a lot of interest and support.”

Shin Jimin released her first EP album ‘BOXES’ as a solo vocalist on the 22nd of last month.

‘BOXES’ is an album that compressively expresses Shin the singer during her past time, and includes a total of 4 songs including the title song ‘Sympathy’, ‘Somewhere’, ‘Don’t know why’, and ‘Suddenly’. Shin Jimin took the lead in composing and writing lyrics for this album, unraveling her own thoughts and feelings.


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