Savage Baekhyun Personally Responds To A Netizen Selling EXO’s Information Illegally

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EXO Baekhyun isn’t going to let a twitter account do as they please with his group information.

On the internet, many twitter and instagram accounts offer information of idols’ dorms addresses, phone numbers, car numbers and much more for a fee, which is obviously illegal and creepy AF.

One twitter post offered information for sell about EXO, Baekhyun saw the post and responded to it directly through his twitter account, he wrote,

“It is okay to sell people’s information like this?”

Fans noticed the account and the post went viral. The twitter account has been deleted since then, but Baekhyun’s response remains on his twitter account.

EXO-Ls were furious and disgusted with those netizens who sell idols information like this. They applauded Baekhyun for his boldness and direct response to that netizen who was offering to sell information on his group publicly for the whole world to see.

Why don’t agencies take legal action against those? you might ask! The answer will shock you!

According to Korean website Segye, the agencies are unlikely to take legal actions against those types of things.

This issue was discussed on CBS radio show “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show,” a cultural critic called Kim Sung Soo explained that taking legal action against these people is difficult and that’s because the moment you catch the sellers, the buyers also become criminals, and the issue is that those buyers are considered ‘fans.’

This is why taking legal action against them is difficult because it might have repercussions the agency won’t be able to contain. The cultural expert says,

“The promotional period for an idol is really short. If the contract is for seven years, then the agency would invest in them for four years and then enjoy the rewards for three years. To those agencies, the risk isn’t worth it.”

The critic revealed a shocking truth which is that the agencies used to be the ones encouraging the leaks, he said,

“Originally agencies encouraged these leaks saying that certain idols would be attending this concert or be at that event.  “You can say that these methods which subjected fandoms to become victims to criminals were actually taught by the agencies themselves.”

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

The more I cover stories on Kpop and the industry the more I feel disgusted and weird for stanning and believing there is actual humanity left in this industry!

The fact that agencies encouraged this and then it went out of control is like a story out of a movie. I am not a koreaboo who doesn’t know when to stop, I know that there are bad people in this world and Kpop isnt as pure as they all claim, but this is downright creepy! This is on another level!

From a business standpoint of view, I totally understand, but this isn’t pure business, this is about people’s livelihood and for someone who makes so much money out of them you’d think they’d give a shit about you, but then you’d be wrong.

It feels that idols are merely a vessel to transfer money, yes they do spend money on you but in the end, they will get it back from you one way or another and that thought is scary.

I think anyone who wants to become an idol should learn about these stories, every little kid who dreams of making it big as an idol should really be thoroughly educated before they go into this.

If I were to become a parent, there is no way any of my children are even becoming idols. I totally understand why some Kpop idols parents are so opposed to them becoming idols, any human being with logic would!

Good on you Baekhyun for standing up to yourself and to your group!

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