RBW Announces ONEUS’s Ravn’s Departure From The Group Following Claims Made By Alleged Ex-Girlfriend

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ONEUS’s agency RBW has confirmed that member Ravn is leaving the group following the string of allegations made against him by an alleged ex-girlfriend.

Previously, RBW said on the ONEUS official fan café that they are closely grasping the authenticity of the case made against him earlier this month and informed fans that all activities of member Ravn will be suspended until the fact-checking process is completed and vowed to take strong actions in the case the claims are confirmed to be false.

On October 27, RBW issued this statement to the group’s official fancafe,

“We sincerely thank the fans for their love for the group ONEUS, and we would like to inform you with a heavy heart about RAVN’s withdrawal from ONEUS.
Regarding the issue, RAVN (Raven) expressed his intention to voluntarily withdraw fearing the damage it is causing to ONEUS members and fans, and after careful discussions with RAVN and other ONEUS members, we decided to respect his opinion on voluntary withdrawal. Therefore, RAVN announces his withdrawal from ONEUS as of today.
ONEUS will continue its activities as a five-member system. Apart from RAVN’s withdrawal, we found false rumors and malicious edits of RAVN circulating during our fact-checking process, and we will reveal the sure facts through lawsuits.
In addition, strict legal measures will be taken against indiscriminate and malicious slanderous comments against our company and artists.
Regardless of whether the distributed claims are true or not, we also feel responsible for the lack of artist management.
We would like to express our deep apology for causing a lot of concern about the privacy issue of our artist.”

Recently, one anonymous individual claiming to be ONEUS’s Ravn’s ex-girlfriend posted shocking details of what they claim to be what happened throughout their two-year-long relationship. The woman is reported to be Japanese and has released a detailed account that has been translated to Korean and shared across social media gaining a lot of attention.

The woman accuses him of cheating on her, gaslighting her, and also claimed when they first met, he got her drunk to the point she wasn’t fully conscious for the first time they had intercourse. She also brings up other alleged girlfriends he’s been with and also provided pictures and audio as well. In one alleged audio clip, a man can be heard talking about another ex-girlfriend who made him so angry he wanted to stab her with a knife.

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  1. I am so heart broken but Kpop idols always show us their innocent side that when things turn it’s really hard to believe it and we invest so much emotion into them this is heartbreaking.

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