Rapper Nafla Under Investigation For Allegedly Neglecting Military Service

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Rapper Nafla is suspected of receiving preferential treatment, such as not actually going to work while serving as a social worker.

According to the legal community and his agency Groovlin on February 1st, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office and the Military Manpower Administration’s military service corruption investigation team recently caught this situation and are investigating the alleged violation of the Military Service Act against Nafla.

Nafla was convened as a social worker at the Seocho-gu Office in February 2021, and while serving, he was accused of trying to avoid military service by applying for a divided service that delayed his service several times for the purpose of treating depression.

Unlike active duty, social service personnel can apply for split service, which temporarily suspends their service, and Nafla has been found to have postponed his service for about 18 months on seven occasions last year from 2021. He also filed two applications for nonconformity in service, but reportedly did not receive a nonconformity.

Prosecutors reportedly found Nafla’s neglect of duty while investigating VIXX’s Ravi and others in the process of investigating the alleged “false eviction of military service”. The rapper belongs to the label Groovlin, headed by Ravi.

Accordingly, on the 30th of last month, the prosecution conducted a search and seizure of the Safety City Division of Seocho-gu Office and the Seoul and Daejeon Government Complexes of the Military Manpower Administration to secure related computer data. The Safety City Division is in charge of service management for social workers belonging to Seocho-gu.

It is said that the prosecution is also looking into whether there was any involvement of officials from the Seocho-gu Office in the process of Nafla receiving preferential treatment. However, the prosecution believes that Nafla did not commit any illegal activities in the process of being judged for supplemental service (level 4) to serve as a social worker.

Groovlin said, “It is true that Nafla was investigated once in relation to the case.”

In 2018, Nafla became famous after winning season 7 of Mnet’s hip-hop audition entertainment program ‘Show Me the Money’.

He was handed over to trial on charges of smoking marijuana in 2020 and sentenced to 10 months in prison and 2 years probation in the second trial at the end of last year. During the trial, it was also known that he was suspended from prosecution for smoking hemp around 2019.


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