Rapper Loco And Actress Stephanie Lee Revealed To Have Dated For A While But Recently Ended Their Relationship

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Fans woke up today to news of Rapper Loco and Actress Stephanie Lee allegedly dating.

According to a media report, Loco and Stephanie Lee have been in a relationship since early 2019 and have met through an acquaintance. Despite Loco’s military enlistment, the couple is said to have remained strong.

When the dating news came out, the labels of the two initially stated they were looking into the matter to confirm with their artists. Later, Stephanie Lee’s agency released a statement to the press to deny the dating rumors stating that though they used to see ‘each other with good feelings,’ they’ve ‘recently decided to remain as amicable colleagues.’

A source from AOMG confirmed that the two have been dating but recently ended their relationship, deciding to remain as colleagues instead.

Loco (31 years old) is currently serving the military as a conscripted policeman since February of 2019, while Stephanie Lee has been active in dramas, appearing in works such as “The Last Empress” and “Partners for Justice.”

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